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Nineties: Young Cinema Rebels

The Blair Witch Project

The film that kicked off the found-footage craze still has the power to chill.

Image from The Blair Witch Project

USA 1999
Dirs Daniel Myrick, Eduardo Sanchez
With Heather Donahue, Michael C Williams, Joshua Leonard
Certificate 15

Three student filmmakers attempt to make a documentary about a local urban legend, the ‘Blair Witch’ – but all that’s left of them is the footage that comprises this film. Horror was never the same after this movie, a pioneering example of the ‘found-footage’ genre, and its groundbreaking marketing campaign convinced people (for a while) that the events depicted in it were true.

Also available on BFI Player.

The screening on Tuesday 23 July will be introduced by Mike Muncer, host of The Evolution Of Horror podcast.


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