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Forgotten Black TV Drama

Club Havana + You in Your Small Corner

+ intro by season co-curator Lez Cooke, producer Tara Prem, script editor Peter Ansorge and actor Don Warrington (work permitting)

Two groundbreaking dramas by Barry Reckord, about interracial relationships.

Image from Club Havana + intro + You in Your Small Corner

Club Havana + intro

Second City Firsts. BBC 1975
Dir Pam Brighton
With Don Warrington, Mona Hammond, Julie Walters, Alfred Fagon

After 12 years away, Mrs Jordan’s son arrives in Birmingham from Jamaica. Writer Barry Reckord returns to the theme of an interracial relationship which causes conflict within a Jamaican family.

This print has been reconstructed from the surviving unedited studio footage by Simon Coward, Research Manager, Kaleidoscope.

+ You in Your Small Corner

Play of the Week
ITV 1962
Dir Claude Whatham
With Lloyd Reckord, Elizabeth MacLennan, Charles Hyatt, Ida Shepley

Barry Reckord adapted his stage play for TV and his brother Lloyd plays the central character – a Jamaican new to London. When he begins a relationship with a white woman (MacLennan), he finds himself in conflict with his mother (Shepley), who has great expectations for him. The very early intimate portrayal of this interracial relationship broke new ground.


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