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Monkey Business

Year: 1952
Production Country: USA
Directed by: Howard Hawks
Featuring: Ginger Rogers / Cary Grant / Charles Coburn / Marilyn Monroe
Running time: 97min
Certificate: U

A monkey tampers with a potion in a laboratory, sending a married couple spiralling back to their wild teens and beyond.

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Ginger Rogers and Cary Grant reunited, in a film which looks back to screwball’s heyday and especially to Bringing Up Baby. Barnaby Fulton (Grant) is working on a youth formula for a chemical company, but lab monkeys monkey around with the potion. The resulting elixir sends Barnaby and his wife Edwina (Rogers) spiraling back to their wild teens and beyond, with Marilyn Monroe’s curvaceous secretary Miss Laurel causing a certain amount of bad blood between them.


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