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Special events and interviews

ICO Archive Day: Rapsodia Satanica

+ a selection of Kinemacolor shorts from the Cineteca di Bologna

Satan’s Rhapsody

An atmospheric Faustian tale about an old woman who makes a pact with Mephisto.

Image from ICO Archive Day: Rapsodia Satanica

Photograph: Cineteca di Bologna

Italy 1917
Dir Nino Oxilia
With Lydia Borelli, Andrea Habay, Ugo Bazzini
45min. Event total runtime c70min
Digital (4K)
With Pietro Mascagni’s original score

A Faustian tale about an old woman who makes a pact with Mephisto to regain her youth. This presentation, from Cecilia Cenciarelli of the Cineteca di Bologna, is a special 4K digital restoration by the Cineteca and Cinémathèque Suisse, produced from a tinted, toned and hand-painted original print. The result is visually ravishing.

We are also pleased to announce the three shorts (also restored by Cineteca di Bologna), as follows below. These spectacularly beautiful shorts feature the use of Kinemacolor, a special technology patented in Great Britain. Composed of documentary footage they show day-to-day lives of the early 20th century.

L’inaugurazione del campanile di San Marco
Italy 1912. 12min

The Harvest
UK 1908. 6min

Coiffures et Types de Hollande
France 1910. 3min

The shorts will be accompanied by pianist John Sweeney.

In partnership with the Independent Cinema Office (ICO) we’re showcasing two expertly curated archive events: a special 35mm presentation of Robert Hamer’s The Long Memory, and Rapsodia Satanica from 1917. See our screening of The Long Memory on Thursday 7 December.

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