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Working Class Heroes

September-October 2018

A season celebrating the charismatic working-class stars who light up our screens.

Introduction by season programmer Danny Leigh

Working Class Heroes


“The upbringing I’ve had has given me a lot of knowledge I can bring to my work. I want to show the truth.”
Samantha Morton

Every film star tells a story – one about the time and place they come from. We present a collection of films lit up by the charisma of working-class stars, a celebration of fine actors and remarkable leading roles. In Britain (for a time at least) film stars came from comprehensives and council houses. The story begins in the socially mobile 1960s as young working-class talent exploded through music, fashion and film. In the hard-edged 80s Bob Hoskins became a popular male lead. Then in the 90s a new mood saw a series of inventive British films built around working-class faces. Beyond angry young men, our heroines stretched from Carol White to Vicky McClure, while modern British cinema highlighted the junction of race and class. This season brings together the bold, powerful and provocative films that can be made when working-class stars have the chance to shine.

Saturday 6 October


See Future Film recommends, as well as a free Working Class Heroes exhibition in our Mezzanine Gallery and a Mediatheque collection on Ken Loach.

See also screenings of Distant Voices, Still Lives.


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