• Director

    Gerardo de León

  • With

    Pam Grier, Jennifer Gan, Judy Brown, Roberta Collins, Sofia Moran

  • USA 1971. 81min

  • Digital

  • Certificate


Aboard the Zulu Queen, a floating house of ill-repute, innocent Carol is mistaken for one of the ship’s drug smugglers. She is falsely convicted for drug trafficking and sentenced to confinement at Carcel del Infierno, a deplorable prison in the heart of a tropical jungle. While there, Carol contends with a motley crew of hostile but beautiful cellmates, abusive guards and sadistic punishments. The film’s salacious trailer summed it up: ‘Innocent young girls, held in cruel bondage! Sold to the highest bidder, to satisfy strange desires.’

Contains scenes of racism, graphic violence and sexual violence that some viewers may find distressing.