Woman with a Movie Camera Summit powered by Jaguar

Reframing the conversation around women and film.

17-18 July, Online

Passes for the Woman with a Movie Camera Summit will not be available to purchase after 5pm on Friday 16 July. Please purchase your pass before this deadline to be able to attend.


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After a year hiatus the Woman with a Movie Camera summit returns and is going virtual for the first time, this year powered by Jaguar! Reflecting on the past year, we will be bringing you a programme focusing on revitalisation and rebuilding, as well as upskilling and throwing open film and TV industry doors. Packed with Q&As and panel discussions with filmmakers, curators and creatives, including interactive talks and workshops - all to be enjoyed wherever you are.

Purchasing a weekend pass will give you access to a mix of pre-recorded interviews and panels, as well as live workshops and interactive sessions on each day. Events will become available to watch at the times listed in the programme below, and will remain available on the Shift72 platform until 23:59 Sunday 18 July, with the exception of live events which will only be available to watch at the times listed in the programme. All events will be closed captioned and accessible for d/Deaf and disabled viewers.

The evening before the summit starts, London based attendees can access reduced priced tickets to a Women with a Movie Camera Preview of the new restoration of Claudia Weill’s Girlfriends, and also a screening of Márta Mészáros’s The Girl, both at BFI Southbank.

Passes go on sale Thursday 24 June (11.30: Patrons, 12:30: Members and 16:00: Public)
£5 (Members pay £2 less); 25 and under ticket price, bookable in advance £3.

Further guests and events to be announced. Check back here for programme updates.

Full programme

Q&A with Claudia Weill, director of Girlfriends (1978)
Available from 10:00 Saturday 17 July

Director Claudia Weill joins us to discuss her landmark 1978 Girlfriends, one of the first (and still one of the best) films to authentically portray the complexities of female friendship and life in your early 20s. The underrated classic is a true ‘godmother’ to Girls, Frances Ha, Broad City and many other film and TV shows about young women trying to find their way.

Host: Anna Smith

Shorts Programme presented by BFI NETWORK
Available from 10:00 Saturday 17 July

BFI NETWORK presents a curated programme of short films that were made or debuted during the pandemic featuring:

Blue Corridor 15 Dir Dubheasa Lanipekun
The Other End Dir Nia Childs
The Visit Dir Ebele Tate
Love Spell Dir Lauren Vevers
The Forgotten C Dir Molly Manning Walker
Run Dir Ruth Greenberg

Curated by BFI NETWORK Talent Programme Manager Caragh Davison. On Sunday BFI NETWORK Talent Executive Amy O’Hara hosts an accompanying panel with the filmmakers to share some of the stories behind the shorts.

The Joy of Video Essaying
LIVE session, 11:00 Saturday 17 July

Video essay is a new form of filmmaking and film criticism aimed at analysing, exploring and studying the art of cinema. Leading video essayist Catherine Grant presents a live introductory talk to the world of video essays. With recent examples of video essays featuring women filmmakers, Grant will discuss the main requirements, key methods and recent developments in the exciting field of video essaying.

The Joy of Video Essaying - Workshop
LIVE session, 12:00 Saturday 17 July

Have you already experimented with the video essay format and would like to discuss your work with others? For this interactive session, we invite up to 10 participants to share their video essay projects to get feedback on their work from leading video essayist Catherine Grant and fellow participants. Due to the session's time constraints, we ask all participants to submit their video essay work of up to 5 minutes (either in full or excerpts) by 9am on Friday 16 July. All submitted work with be circulated to workshop participants on Friday ahead of the summit. To register and for more details, please email Aga Baranowska.

The Rise and Fall of the Girl Boss
Available from 12:00 Saturday 17 July

A panel of culture writers and film critics dissect the rise and fall of Girl Boss, from her shiny pop-feminist origins to her current status as the cultural archetype everyone loves to hate. The panel will get into the issues of girlboss feminism and also explore her recent iterations in film and television, including films like I Care a Lot and Cruella.

Host: Beth Webb
Panellists: MaryAnn Johanson, Leila Latif and Ashanti Omkar

Zoom Social
LIVE session 13:00 Saturday 17 July

Each day of the summit there will be a live 'zoom social' in which attendees can embrace the awkwardness of meeting new people virtually and discuss some of the hot topics of the day’s sessions. The socials will be hosted and facilitated to ensure the spaces are respectful and fun, and that conversation never runs out...

Host: Samantha Baines

Karina Longworth in Conversation
Available from 14:00 Saturday 17 July

Karina Longworth, creator and host of You Must Remember This, the hugely popular storytelling podcast exploring the secret and/or forgotten histories of Hollywood's first century, talks to Anna Bogutskaya about growing her research journeys into unearthing and telling the stories of many great ‘invisible’ women like pioneering producer Polly Platt.

Host: Anna Bogutskaya

BESEA Filmmaker Roundtable presented by BEATS
Available from 14:00 Saturday 17 July

BEATS present a BESEA filmmaker roundtable discussing past and current experiences of British East and South East Asians in the industry, in front and behind the camera. BEATS is a not-for-profit advocacy organisation founded by British East and South East Asians [BESEA] working in the Theatre and Screen industry.

Host: Diana Yeh
Panellists: Rosa Fong, Jennifer Lim, Erika Posadas and Lucy Sheen

Intimacy Coordinator Panel
Available from 15:00 Saturday 17 July

Over the past year, some of the most popular television shows such as I May Destroy You, Normal People, I Hate Suzie, Adult Material and Bridgerton portrayed different types of intimacy, while in the industry we were rocked by further revelations around abuse of power on set/during auditions. We bring together four leading intimacy coordinators to spotlight their work on these television shows, and discuss why this work is essential for making film and television safe for everyone.

Host: Rhianna Dhillon
Panellists: Yarit Dor, Lizzy Talbot, Vanessa Coffey and Ita O’Brien

Keeping families in film: Charlotte Riley in conversation
Available from 15:00 Saturday 17 July

Actor and co-founder of The WonderWorks, Charlotte Riley discusses her work setting up the UK's first nursery dedicated to children of parents working in the film industry, and how she is calling on industry leaders to help achieve greater equality in film. Hosted by Nicky Bentham from Raising Films.

Host: Nicky Bentham

Telling Women's Stories Responsibly: EastEnders Domestic Violence Panel
Available from 16:00 Saturday 17 July

Kate Oates, the Head of Continuing Drama, BBC Studios, shares her experiences of working on the EastEnders storyline in which character Chantelle Atkins was killed by her abusive husband during the pandemic, and in particular how the team worked with Women’s Aid on the story and script.

Host: Beth Neil
Panellists: Kate Oates - Head of Continuing Drama, BBC Studios, and Teresa Parker - Head of Media Relations and Communications, Women’s Aid

Pariah at 10
Available from 16:00 Saturday 17 July

A panel of film critics and culture writers reflect on Dee Rees’ exquisite debut film and landmark in Black LGBTIQ+ cinema, 10 years after its release.

Host: Tara Brown
Panellists: Siobhan Lawless, Delphine Lievens

Behind the Bylines: Times Up UK Critics Roundtable
Available from 17:00 Saturday 17 July

Six UK film critics come together to discuss the professional and personal experiences of being a female critic in a still very male dominated field. Exploring topics such as: what criticism means to me; how much is a fair wage? What is the female gaze? And Twitter bio vs Reality, the roundtable will offer a vital insight into this side of the industry.

Panellists: Hanna Flint, Sophie Monks Kaufman, Nikki Baughan, MaryAnn Johanson, Fatima Sheriff and Rose Dymock.

How to Heal Cinema
LIVE session, 18:00 Saturday 17 July

Gaylene Gould (The Space To Come) and Mia Bays (Birds Eye View) will host a live conversation-workshop exploring ways that cinema and its workers can begin to heal from the culture of male violence toward women. In this session participants will hear industry thinkers and explore practices that might begin to tackle the trauma embedded within cinema’s culture and our own bodies and stories.

Hosts: Gaylene Gould and Mia Bays
Panellists: Shumela Ahmed, Lucy Powell, Winnie M Li

Girls On Film: The Film Industry Post-Pandemic
Available from 10:00 Sunday 18 July

Girls on Film present a panel focusing on what lessons are to be learned in the screen industries, particularly for women, from the pandemic. How can we seize the innovations we made to cope during lockdown and keep the best of them for the future? What has been revealed by the pandemic, how are these revelations changing the industry, and what is still left to do?

Host: Anna Smith
Panellists: Zeina Durra, Eve Gabereau, Allison Gardner, Kyla Harris and Claire Vaughan

Reclaiming Jennifer’s Body
Available from 10:00 Sunday 18 July

A panel of film critics and culture writers analyse the critical reevaluation of Jennifer’s Body, and the journey of Karyn Kusama’s film from ‘box office flop’ to cult classic, while pondering the tool kit for reclaiming other works.

Host: Clarisse Loughrey
Panellists: Sarah Fonseca and Lisa Wehrstedt

Women in XR: New Forms of Storytelling
Available from 11:00 Sunday 18 July

Intrigued by the possibilities of emerging interactive platforms and experiential storytelling? Join this XR-focused session for an introduction to immersive technologies, and a look at the future of new forms while spotlighting two of the most exciting female creators in the field. Learn about their pioneering work across audio, social platforms, gaming, augmented reality, virtual reality, volumetric filmmaking and beyond.

Host: Elaine Wong
Panellists: Nosa Eke and Yasmin Elayat

Filmmakers in Focus: Márta Mészáros
Available from 11:00 Sunday 18 July

Join this conversation, hosted by film critic Tara Judah, to discover and explore the work of trailblazing Hungarian filmmaker Márta Mészáros. With a six-decade career focusing on telling women’s stories, Mészáros has an important place in the history of cinema as the first woman filmmaker awarded a Golden Bear for Best Film at the Berlin International Film Festival for her 1975 film Adoption. This discussion will focus on Mészáros’ three key titles, Riddance (1973), Adoption (1975) and Diary for My Children (1984), all of which are available to watch now at BFI Southbank and later this month on BFI Player.

Speakers: Tara Judah, Catherine Portuges

Best Girl Grip Podcast Live
LIVE session 12:00 Sunday 18 July

Nicole Davis presents a special live edition of Best Girl Grip, the weekly podcast interviewing women behind-the-scenes and below-the-line of the British film industry. Joining her will be cinematographer/director/writer Molly Manning Walker whose cinematography credits include Superhoe for the BBC, and Charlotte Regan’s upcoming Scrapper, and writing and directing credits include Good Thanks, You? and the BIFA nominated The Forgotten C. Molly’s debut feature film, How To Have Sex, is in development with Film4 and is being produced by Ivana MacKinnon and Emily Leo of Wild Swim Films. Molly was recently awarded the Next Step Prize by Semaine De La Critique for the script.

Zoom Social
LIVE session 13:00 Sunday 18 July

Each day of the summit there will be a live ‘zoom social’ in which attendees can embrace the awkwardness of meeting new people virtually and discuss some of the hot topics of the day’s sessions. The socials will be hosted and facilitated to ensure the spaces are respectful and fun, and that conversation never runs out...

Hosts: Kimberley Sheehan, Samantha Baines

The Art of the Fan Cam
Available from 14:00 Sunday 18 July

Originating in K-pop fandoms ‘fan cams’ or ‘fan edits’ have exploded on social media in recent years. Being used to celebrate everyone and anyone from Timothée Chalamet to Parasite director Bong Joon Ho’s interpreter, Sharon Choi. They’ve also become an unlikely tool in online activism. But are they more than just memes and tokens of adoration? We bring together a mixture of culture critics/experts and fan cam filmmakers to discuss the practice, its origins, its relationship to other forms of fan worship and whether they should be considered an art in their own right.

Host: Lucy Ford
Panellists: Haaniyah Angus, Palmer Haasch and Iana Murray

Film Poetry Workshop: Cinematic Memories & Moments
LIVE session 14:00 Sunday 18 July

Be Manzini, an award winning poet and director of Caramel Film Club, leads an interactive film poetry workshop. Manzini will discuss her creative writing practice before inviting participants to reflect on their cherished cinematic experiences using poetry and creative writing as a vehicle to build a monument to those memories.

Invisible Women present The Future Is: Female (Film Collectives)
Available from 15:00 Sunday 18 July

Invisible Women present a fun and chatty journey through the history of film collectives, from early networks between female filmmakers at the birth of cinema, through the swinging second wave collectives of the 60s and 70s, the radical workshops of the 1980s, the Riot Girl VHS networks of the 90s up to the present.

Hosts: Camilla Baier and Rachel Pronger

Inclusive Online Cinephilia Panel
Available from 15:00 Sunday 18 July

For women of any age new to the tempestuous world of film fandom, there are plenty of barriers in place. The venues championing independent film are intimidating, the voices in criticism and online discussion mostly male. This panel will explore the emergence of new online spaces which are inclusive, welcoming and affirming for female and non-binary voices. What does the ideal online community look like, and where/how can we set about building it?

Host: Isobel Harrop
Panellists: Ayşe Bağcı, Rōgan Graham, Chloe Leeson

Film TikTok Creators Panel
Available from 16:00 Sunday 18 July

Film TikTok is a rapidly growing community on the video-sharing app and a home for speedy but creative film discourse. From scene breakdowns and recommendation videos to mini video essays, supercuts and fan edits. We talk to two creators and a self-described TikTok scholar about their work in this space.

Host: Isobel Harrop
Panellists: Pavan Bivigou (@pbpbbpbppb), Nirupam Dhakal (@hugeasmammoth.films) and Queline Meadows (@que1ine)

Want more? Check out the free-to-attend The Rise of Film TikTok virtual panel at Cinema Rediscovered on Friday 30 July.

Feminism in Nordic Cinema Panel
Available from 16:00 Sunday 18 July

The past few years have seen exceptional films emerge from the Nordic regions, which featured bold, complex and brilliant women whose characters made an impact in their country and beyond, defied political obstructions and confronted inequalities. Our panel will bring together three Nordic industry figures to explore the rise of these progressive, honest, feminist narratives in Nordic cinema and their bold impact in the global film landscape and discuss some of the films that really capture this movement, including Tove (2020), The County (2020), Hope (2019), And Breathe Normally (2018), and Britt-Marie Was Here (2019).

Host: Elle Haywood
Panellists: Zaida Bergroth, Laufey Guðjónsdóttir and Stephanie Thögersen

Shorts Filmmaker Panel presented by BFI NETWORK
Available from 17:00 Sunday 18 July

BFI NETWORK Talent Executive Amy O’Hara talks to the filmmakers featured in the shorts programme.

Host: Amy O’Hara
Panellists: Nia Childs, Dubheasa Lanipekun, Ruth Greenberg, Jessie Gutch, Ebele Tate, Lauren Vevers

The Big Woman with a Movie Camera Quiz!
LIVE Session 18:00 Sunday 18 July

Know your Coppola from your Campion? Your Denis from your Dash? Well, round up a team because we are wrapping up the summit with a good old fashioned Zoom quiz. The rounds will range from easy-peasy to a-little-knowledge-helps but will mainly be about having a good time and celebrating women in film and television. And of course there will be prizes!

Hosts: Kimberley Sheehan and Ruby McGuigan

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