But Where Are You Really From?

While We Live

Medan vi lever

A family moves to Gambia, confusing it with a return home.

Image from While We Live

Sweden 2016
Dir Dani Kouyaté
With Josette Bushell-Mingo, Adam Kanyama, Richard Sseruwagi, Marika Lindström
English subtitles

Ibbe, a Swedish-born hip-hop artist, is on the cusp of making it in the music industry, but an altercation with his Gambian-born mother, Kandia, makes her want to return home... and Ibbe goes with her. Unexpectedly, awaiting them in Gambia is a clash of cultures and the feeling that they’re neither Gambian nor Swedish enough.

+ Like a Fish out of Water
UK 2020. Dir Roxy Rezvany. 3min
A visceral battle between the inner and outer identities.