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Laurel and Hardy

Way Out West + Laughing Gravy

There’s animal magic in a true classic set in the Wild West, and a tale of dog leading man.

Image from Way Out West + Laughing Gravy

Way Out West

USA 1937
Dir James W Horne
With Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Sharon Lynn
Certificate PG

Stan, Ollie and Dinah the mule are travelling through the Wild West and arrive in the town of Brushwood Gulch. They have an important deed to deliver, but after offending the Sheriff and his wife they’re issued with an ultimatum and told to leave. Featuring ‘The Trail of the Lonesome Pine,’ one of the great comic moments of all time, Way Out West is a true classic.

+ Laughing Gravy

USA 1930
Dir James W Horne
With Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Harry Bernard
Certificate U

It’s a snowy winter’s night. Stan and Ollie are staying in a boarding house with a ‘no dogs’ policy but haven’t the heart to send their dog ‘Laughing Gravy’ out into the cold, so must keep him as quiet as possible. When the landlord cottons on to their flouting of his rules, it becomes very clear that they have a long and cold night ahead of them.

Family ticket price applies to the screening on Sunday 13 January 13:00 - Under 16s £4, adults £8 (Members pay £2 less).

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