• Director

    Larry Achiampong

  • UK 2022. 84min

  • Digital 4K

  • Courtesy of LUX

The most ambitious film to date by artist Larry Achiampong, Wayfinder is an epic film about class and economic exclusion, belonging and displacement, cultural heritage and the meaning of home. Set in a pandemic, it follows The Wanderer (a young girl played by Perside Rodrigues), who travels from the north of England to the south, finding herself in a series of poignant encounters with people, stories, songs and situations. Setting out from Hadrian’s Wall, she explores many environments, from a housing estate in Wolverhampton to E. Pellicci café in Bethnal Green. Drawing on a diverse range of references from sci-fi, folk song and video games to painting, this film offers a profound reckoning with the landscape and culture of contemporary England.

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