• Director

    Geza von Bolvary

  • With

    Betty Balfour, Glen Byam Shaw, Ernest Thesiger

  • UK 1929. 94min

  • 35mm

Before we had the universes of Star Wars, DC, Marvel etc, there was the fantasy land of Ruritania, a make-believe central-European kingdom in which princesses were imperilled by glamorous but deadly pretenders to the throne, and where mistaken identity was the norm. The already ridiculous Ruritania was ripe for parody. This merciless and fun-filled example was impressively directed by Geza von Bolvary and gives full rein to the comedic talents of Betty Balfour and a spiky Ernest Thesiger.

With live piano accompaniment by Stephen Horne.

+ Long Fliv the King

  • Director

    Leo McCarey

  • USA 1926. 24min

This short features the hilarious Charley Chase, with Oliver Hardy and Max Davidson. Another fine spoof of Ruritanian life.

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