• Director

    Chloë Wicks, Carl Tibbetts

  • With

    Lindsay Duncan, Clarke Peters, Sue Johnston, Peter Egan

  • UK 2023. Episode 1, 47min

  • Digital

  • Clerkenwell Films

A gang of old friends make a drunken pact: rather than let each other suffer a slow decline, they will engineer a dignified death as a sign of Truelove. But what starts off as a fanciful idea soon morphs into a shocking reality. This is also a love story, as a long-extinguished romantic flame is rekindled, offering a second chance of love before time runs out. With a core cast in their 70s, Truelove breaks the rules for older characters on screen, flipping ageist tropes with thrilling twists, irreverent humour and passionate romance. It also wrestles with the knottiest of ethical questions – is it ever right to help end a life?

Total running time 110min