Towards the Light

Mod Lyset

  • Director


  • With

    Asta Nielsen, Augusta Blad, Alf Blütecher

  • Denmark 1919. 62min

  • 35mm

  • English subtitles

  • With live piano accompaniment

The last film that Nielsen ever made in Denmark is this captivating religious melodrama in which she plays a wealthy countess who strings along a series of suitors even though she’s fallen in love with a baron. When her thoughtless flirtations turn out to have dreadful consequences and she learns her lover’s terrible secret, can the countess redeem her wasteful life by turning to God?

+ Asta Nielsen

  • Director

    Asta Nielsen

  • With

    Asta Nielsen, Poul Reumert, Axel Strøbye

  • Denmark 1968. 28min

  • Digital

  • English subtitles

The only film Nielsen ever directed is this documentary self-portrait from 1968 in which the actress reflects on her life and magnificent career in conversation with the Danish actor Axel Strøbye. Watch as the celebrated tragedian poignantly sheds her final tear for the camera.

With thanks to: Karola Gramann - Kinothek Asta Nielsen.

Live piano accompaniment will be by Neil Brand on Wed 23 Feb and Cyrus Gabrysch on Sun 27 Feb.