• Director

    Ulrike Ottinger

  • With

    Tabea Blumenschein, Magdalena Montezuma, Orpha Termin, Monika von Cube

  • 107min
  • Digital restoration

  • English subtitles

Maven and muse of the West Berlin artistic underground, Tabea Blumenschein mesmerises in this extraordinary voyage of alcoholic descent directed by artist and major figure in the New German Cinema movement, Ulrike Ottinger. Ostentatiously dressed in bright, angular fashions, Blumenschein, as a nameless traveller, forms a close bond with a homeless woman and the pair glide, drift and explode through a series of highly-stylised tableaus in a stark, grey Berlin, transgressing the limits of ‘acceptable’ public female behaviour as they go. Ottinger brings her painterly sensibility and background to the film and the performers continually surprise and astound as a chorus of commentators judge from the side-lines. Visually stunning, Ticket of No Return screens from a new 4K digital restoration from Arsenal, Berlin. We look forward to celebrating the life and spirit of post-punk artist, musician (with Die Tödliche Doris) and fashion designer Tabea Blumenschein, who died in March 2020.

+ Sportliche Schatten

1982. Dir Tabea Blumenschien. With Udo Kier. 10min.