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The Tango Lesson

+ pre-recorded intro by So Mayer, author of The Cinema of Sally Potter

Part troubled love story, part terrific dance movie, Potter’s tale of a filmmaker fighting creative block is screened too rarely.

Image from The Tango Lesson

UK-France-Argentina 1997
Dir Sally Potter
With Sally Potter, Pablo Verón, Gustavo Naveira
English subtitles
Certificate PG

A filmmaker (Potter) suffering a creative block is revitalised when she discovers the magic of tango – both music and dance – but complications ensue. As a study of male-female relationships, Potter’s film is characteristically astute, but thanks to her strong sense of music, movement, mood and rhythm, it is also a terrific dance movie, elegantly shot (mostly in monochrome) by Robby Müller.

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We will now be screening this film on Digital as the 35mm print has a damaged soundtrack.