• Director

    Stephen Dwoskin

  • With

    Beatrice Cordua, Stephen Dwoskin, Helga Wretman

  • UK 2008. 59min

  • Digital

Dwoskin began as an underground filmmaker, and ended his career as one. Distantly inspired by Beauty and the Beast, The Sun and the Moon features Dwoskin as the Beast, all but confined to his bed and hooked up to a breathing machine, opposite performance artist and stunt performer Helga Wretman, and dancer Beatrice ‘Trixie’ Cordua (Dwoskin’s muse of many years). The high point of Dwoskin’s late period, the film was described by scholar Raymond Bellour as an ‘absolute masterpiece’.

+ Me Myself and I

  • UK 1968. Stephen Dwoskin. 18min Digital 4K