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Kubrick Now

Stanley, Meet Alexa: AI and Filmmaking in the Flesh

An afternoon of screenings and discussion with Lawrence Lek, Anna Ridler, Charlie Lyne, David Pfau and more.

Image from Stanley, Meet Alexa: AI and Filmmaking in the Flesh

12:00-16:00 NFT3

Stanley Kubrick’s fascination with artificial intelligence was well known. Now, machine learning is an everyday reality - but one whose role in creativity is still being contested. Debate continues among filmmakers and researchers about the future for AI and the moving image. In a celebration and interrogation of AI and film, this live event will feature films made using machine learning - and onstage discussions with researchers, artists and filmmakers.

The event will open at midday with a series of short films made about or with the help of AI, including:

  • Sunspring/It’s No Game/Zone Out (Oscar Sharp, 2016-2018), screening with a video interview with Oscar Sharp.
  • Come Swim (Kristen Stewart, 2017)
  • Geomancer (Lawrence Lek, 2017)

Beginning at 2:30pm, the second half of the event will be a live onstage conversation with participants including:

  • Lawrence Lek, multimedia artist, filmmaker and musician.
  • Anna Ridler, artist and researcher.
  • Charlie Lyne, filmmaker and critic.
  • David Pfau, research scientist.

Video interviews will also feature American artists and researchers including Caroline Sinders, Rachel Ginsberg and research engineer Bhautik Joshi, visual effects artist of Kristen Stewart’s Come Swim.


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