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Near the Jugular


Celebrated sci-fi allegory following two men as they navigate the police state they inhabit.

Image from Stalker

USSR 1979
Dir Andrei Tarkovsky
With Aleksandr Kaidanovsky, Anatoly Solonitsin, Nikolai Grinko
English subtitles
Certificate PG

Tarkovsky’s celebrated sci-fi allegory follows two men and their guide (the titular Stalker) as they cross the Zone – a forbidden territory in the police state they inhabit – towards The Room; where, it’s believed, one’s innermost needs and desires are granted.

Bassam & Riz: How does anyone write about Stalker in a few sentences? Man. Uff. The first time I saw it, I couldn’t write for months. Why try? This film did it all. Like literally everything.

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