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Chinese New Year

UK Premiere: The Soul of Himalaya

+ intro and Q&A with director Zeng Yunhui and Yixi Sun, director of Filming East

An epic drama, set in the eighth century, about a remote people fighting for survival.

We are pleased to announce that director Zeng Yunhui will join us to say a few words and take audience questions after the film.

Image from UK Premiere: The Soul of Himalaya + intro by Yixi Sun, director of Filming East

China 2017
Dir Zeng Yunhui
With Phurbu Tsering, Lhak Chong, Shaijikanbin Arbo
English subtitles

This epic drama is set in the eighth century and features the Bogar tribe, part of the mysterious Lhoba people who live in the forests of the Tibetan Plateau. Disaster has forced them to the edge of extinction and the story follows their attempt to reverse their imminent destruction. All supporting roles are performed by ethnic Lhobas who are real-life herdsmen, farmers or hunters. The film offers a rare glimpse into a Tibetan culture that’s fast disappearing in the face of an encroaching modern world.

Image from Filming East Festival


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