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An engrossing portrait of Middle Eastern Generation Z.

Image from Souad

Egypt-Tunisia-Germany 2021
Dir Ayten Amin
With Bassant Ahmed, Basmala Elghaiesh, Hussein Ghanem
English subtitles
Certificate 12A
A BFI release

Like many teenagers, 19-year-old Souad is addicted to her phone. But to her it’s more than a device to connect with friends; it’s an escape from her conservative life and a virtual playground where she can experiment, and fashion different personalities for herself. Around her family she’s a dutiful daughter and responsible student, but when alone she unleashes her digital alter-egos, firing off flirtatious messages and suggestive pictures late into the night, obsessively awaiting responses from her social-influencer boyfriend Ahmed. Ayten Amin’s second feature continues her examination of modern Egypt, and here she works with non-actors (including the extremely impressive Bassant Ahmed as Souad), and deploys a very close, verité shooting style – all with a non-judgemental lens.

Kimberley Sheehan, Events Programmer

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The screening on Sun 12 Sep 13:15 Studio will be presented with subtitles for the D/deaf and people experiencing hearing loss.