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Chinese New Year

Seniors’ Archive Free Matinee: Song of the Phoenix

+ intro by Yixi Sun, Director, Filming East

Bai niao chao feng

A young musician and his teacher fight to keep tradition alive in this captivating drama.

Image from Seniors’ Archive Free Matinee: Song of the Phoenix + intro

China 2013
Dir Wu Tianming
With Li Mincheng, Chi Peng, Tao Zeru
Mandarin with EST

This captivating and sensitive drama, set against the picturesque backdrop of rural China, focuses on a young musician and his teacher. They play the suona, a traditional double-reeded horn with a distinctive sound and ritual purpose, a practice now in danger of being marginalised in contemporary Chinese society. The conflict between modernity and tradition, as well as that of the relationship between teacher and student, is resonant in this final film from China’s leading fourth-generation director, Wu Tianming.

Free for over-60s (booking by phone or in person only), otherwise normal matinee price.

Special thanks to:

China Film Foundation

In partnership with:

Filming East Festival


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