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Maurice Pialat and the New French Realism

A Single Girl

La Fille seule

We follow 19-year-old Valérie during her shift in a luxury hotel as she’s at a turning point in her life.

Image from A Single Girl

France 1995
Dir Benoît Jacquot
With Virginie Ledoyen, Benoît Magimel, Dominique Valadié
English subtitles

On the morning of her first day working at a luxury hotel, 19-year-old Valérie (Ledoyen) tells her unemployed boyfriend (Magimel) that she’s pregnant, and is keeping the baby. Centred on Ledoyen’s dazzling performance, Jacquot’s film follows Valérie in real-time over her shift, fusing verité realism with formal audaciousness to create a mesmerising portrait of a young woman at a crossroads in life.


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