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Passport to Cinema

La Signora di Tutti

Max Ophuls’ opulent melodrama, a richly observed study of a film star and femme fatale.

Italy 1936
Directed by Max Ophuls
With Isa Miranda, Memo Benassi, Tatyana Pavlova, Friedrich Benfer
Running time 89 min

Max Ophuls’ opulent melodrama was made in Italy just after his enforced exile from Nazi Germany. Its female protagonist Gaby Doriot (played by Italian actress Isa Miranda) is a film star and femme fatale who, under anaesthetic, looks back at her destructive past and the lives she has ruined. Unashamedly romantic, Ophuls’ richly observed study of the beautiful and glacial Gaby is marked by the gliding camerawork that would become the signature of his later work.

This film was selected by Laura Mulvey who will introduce the screening.


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