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Working Class Heroes

10th Anniversary Screening: Shifty

+ Q&A with Daniel Mays, Eran Creevy and Jay Simpson

When two old friends (Riz Ahmed and Daniel Mays) reunite, they find that life’s gotten a lot tougher.

Image from 10th Anniversary Screening: Shifty + Q&A

UK 2008
Dir Eran Creevy
With Riz Ahmed, Daniel Mays, Jason Flemyng, Dannielle Brent
Certificate 15

Made for just £100,000, the feature debut of Eran Creevy felt hugely fresh when it first came out; a decade later, it still does. Shifty is a portrait of friendship, as good-natured Chris (Mays) returns to the corner of suburban London where he grew up, reuniting with long-time best mate Shifty (Ahmed). But in the years since Chris left, things have changed – and not for the better. With a host of fine performances, Creevy’s film represents a landmark in modern British cinema.

The ticket price for this screening is £6.50 and under 25s can book tickets in advance for £3.


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