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Seniors’ Free Talk: Fellow Traveller

+ intro

Philip Saville directs a great cast in this tale of blacklisted creatives in the 1950s.

Image from Seniors’ Free Talk: Fellow Traveller + intro

BBC 1990
Dir Philip Saville
With Imogen Stubbs, Ron Silver, Hart Bochner

Director Elia Kazan was one of those who ‘named names’ during the hearings of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in 1952. To tie in with our Kazan season (see p14), we screen this TV drama about the personal implications of the black list that was drawn up by the HUAC, and its detrimental effect on the careers of actors, writers and directors in the US and those exiled in the UK.

Free for over-60s (booking by phone or in person only), otherwise normal matinee price.


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