“I’ve met so many women and girls that could see that story and feel like ‘that was my story too’”
Catherine Hardwicke on Thirteen

At the heart of new release La Mif is a creative collaboration between director and cast, in which the young actresses were heavily involved in the development of their characters and stories – an approach not dissimilar to the one taken by Sarah Gavron in the British film Rocks in 2019. Both La Mif and Rocks have roots in Catherine Hardwicke’s Thirteen, which Hardwicke co-authored with the then 14-year-old Nikki Reed to create a raw portrayal of teenage life. This two-month season showcases these authentic portraits while exploring snapshots of growing up in different cultures across the globe. Some of these stories are extreme, others are completely grounded in everyday realities for young women. Here there are no mean-girl cheerleaders, precocious Lolitas or magical makeovers, just searing, realistic portrayals of complex, adolescent young women experiencing the intense pleasures and pains of growing up.

Kimberley Sheehan


Tremendous performances power through this provocative wild ride of teenage angst.

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House of Hummingbird

A rare chance to see this special gem from an exciting new voice in South Korean cinema.

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A bittersweet Oscar-nominated film following a group of teen sisters as they fight against oppression at home.

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It Felt Like Love

A crushingly truthful and evocative depiction of a teenage girl’s sexual coming-of-age.

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Fish Tank

An unflinchingly honest and raw coming-of-age story set in Essex, from director Andrea Arnold.

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An intensely romantic lesbian love story nestled in the dangerous reality some young women face while coming out.

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In Between Days

An intimate and minimalist tale about coming-of-age while adapting to another country.

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