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Laurel and Hardy

Saps at Sea + The Chimp

In this fun double, the duo bumble their way through a horn factory and a circus.

Image from Saps at Sea + The Chimp

Saps at Sea

USA 1940
Dir Gordon Douglas
With Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, James Finlayson
Certificate U

Stan and Ollie’s final film with the Hal Roach Studio finds Ollie with ‘hornophobia’ caused by working in a horn factory for too long. The perfect antidote appears to be a relaxing boat trip... until an escaped murderer joins them on board.

+ The Chimp

USA 1932
Dir James Parrott
With Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Bobby Burns
Certificate U

Two bumbling circus performers end up in possession of a flea circus and Ethel, a chimp dressed in a tutu and a hat. But Ethel also happens to be the name of their landlord’s wife…

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