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Salon Mexico: The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema

July 2019

With stars, directors and films to rival Hollywood, Mexican cinema of the 30s-50s saw a surge in production, from music-infused dramas to romance and thrillers.

Introduction by James Bell, Sight & Sound

Salon Mexico


“There only exists one Mexico: the one I invented.”
Emilio Fernández

While Hollywood was in its studio-era heyday, south of the border another film industry was enjoying a Golden Age of its own. Mexican cinema dazzled between the 1930s and the 50s, with each new year bringing classic films from directors such as Emilio Fernández, Julio Bracho and Roberto Gavaldón; films that ranged from epic tales of revolution to uniquely Mexican takes on Gothic horror, and from lurid noirs every bit as hardbitten as those made in Hollywood to Mexican cabareteras – a genre that fused music, dance and melodrama to thrilling effect. Lighting up the screen, and captivating audiences across Latin America, were luminous figures such as María Félix, Dolores del Río, Pédro Armendáriz and Ninón Sevilla – stars who were immortalised through the breathtaking cinematography of masters like Gabriel Figueroa.

James Bell


See the July issue of Sight & Sound for more on this season.

Join us to celebrate the season launch with Mexican food, drinks and music in the Blue Room on Thursday 4 July from 19:50. Please present a ticket for the 4 July screening of Enamorada or the Classical Mexican Cinema talk to gain access. Refreshments provided by Casa Morita.

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