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Relaxed Screening: Illuminating the Wilderness

+ discussion with artists and makers from Project Art Works

A group of neuro-diverse artists, filmmakers and families explore the Scottish Highlands and interpret the landscape in fascinating ways.

Tickets can be booked in advance either online, in person or by calling (020 7928 3232), or by emailing the Box Office (box.office@bfi.org.uk).

Image from Relaxed Screening: Illuminating the Wilderness + discussion with artists and makers from Project Art Works

Photograph: © Project Art Works

UK 2018
Dirs Kate Adams, Tim Corrigan
Total runtime 90min (including discussion)

Illuminating the Wilderness offers a window onto the experiences of a group of neuro-diverse artists, filmmakers, families and carers as they explore the varied terrain of Glen Affric in the Scottish Highlands. The remoteness, scale and indifference of the landscape provides a sense of freedom and belonging for the group.

Artists Ben Rivers and Margaret Salmon join the journey, which charts the pleasures and challenges of neuro-diverse responses to the landscape, with humour and tenderness.

Our post-screening discussion will consider perceptions of ‘wilderness’, experimental form and cultural inclusion.

Screening with short films from Project Art Works:

No Church in the Wild
UK 2015, 7min

We All Have a Tree in Us
UK 2017 edit by Kate Adams and Tim Corrigan, 2min

Tickets £3

All are welcome to this relaxed screening.

Relaxed screenings are presented each month for those in the neuro-diverse community and their carers and assistants. More detailed information about these screenings can be found at bfi.org.uk/relaxed

Our relaxed screening adjustments include:

  • For this screening doors will open 30 minutes before the screening start time.
  • No trailers will be shown.
  • The programme will be introduced.
  • Customers will be able to choose their own seats in the auditorium, but we will do our best to accommodate any specific seating requests.
  • Our house lights will remain on a low level throughout the screening, and the volume will be turned slightly down.
  • Please feel free to move around in the auditorium and make noise.
  • There will be a safe space for customers to use if they need to leave the auditorium.

We welcome your feedback on our relaxed screenings.

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National Autistic Society's Autism Friendly Award


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