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Refugee Week 2017

Refugee Journeys + discussion

Join us for an afternoon of immersive storytelling, virtual reality, screenings and discussion – all part of Refugee Week.

Unfortunately Federico Escher(Channel 4 News) is no longer able to participate in the panel. We are pleased that Almir Koldzic, Co-director, Counterpoints Arts is able to join the discussion.

The Refugee Journeys programme on Friday 23 June (15.00-18.00) is a non-bookable drop-in event in the Blue Room.
The discussion, at 18:15 (also in the Blue Room), is free but please book in person or by calling the box office on 020 7928 3232 due to limited capacity.

Image from Refugee Journeys + discussion

This curated, immersive virtual reality programme will take you on a journey, opening up new ways of seeing the experiences of migrants and refugees as they travel across Europe. The programme includes a screening of the award-winning VR documentary HOME: Aamir, from the National Theatre, plus Surround Vision and Room One. We are pleased that the following representatives from the VR and Alternate Realities productions on show will be in conversation exploring these stories, and the reality experienced by refugees:
Johanna Nicholls, Senior Digital Producer, NT Immersive Storytelling Studio representing HOME: Aamir
Almir Koldzic, Co-director, Counterpoints Arts
David Cravinho, Global Fundraising Specialist for UNICEF, a partner in making Clouds Over Sidra.

We are pleased to announce further works in this programme:
We Wait is a VR immersive short story made by Aardman as part of the BBC Connected Studios ‘Future of Content’ programme. Based on BBC News stories it takes the audience to a beach in Turkey to join a Syrian family anxiously waiting to cross the sea to Greece…

Two Billion Miles produced by Channel 4 News: This award winning interactive video story uses real news footage from 2015, allowing viewers to follow in the footsteps of migrants and refugees as they face the hardships of months on the road.

Clouds Over Sidra Filmed in December 2014 in the Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan (where children make up half the camp's population), home to 130,000 Syrians fleeing violence and war. This work was made in collaboration with UN SDG Action Campaign, Within, UNICEF Jordan. Sidra is a young girl who has lived in the Camp since summer 2013 and wants to go home.

Refugee Week 2017

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Refugee Week 2017


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