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Relaxed screenings: The Reason I Jump

Enjoy this immersive and thought-provoking documentary about seeing the world differently.

Friday 18 June 14:30 NFT3
Tuesday 22 June 18.10 NFT3

Tickets are now available to book either online, by calling (020 7928 3232) or by emailing the Box Office:

A visual guide to The Reason I Jump has been produced to accompany relaxed screenings. There will also be workbooks produced in association with the film. Find out more on the resources tab of The Reason I Jump website.

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Image from Relaxed screening: The Reason I Jump

USA-UK 2020
Dir Jerry Rothwell
With the voice of Jordan O’Donegan
Certificate 12A
A Picturehouse Entertainment release

This month, immersive surround sound and stunning images abound in a documentary exploration of neurodiversity.

In order to assist with the accessibility and enjoyment of relaxed screenings of this title for our audiences, the film will be accompanied by a special subtitle stream which will include both subtitling of dialogue as well as warnings of potentially challenging or difficult moments within the film itself. These warnings will focus on moments that could be challenging from a visual, aural, and emotional perspective and will be accompanied by guidance text and symbols alerting viewers to the imminent approach of any such moments. For any further details about this screening of the film do contact us by calling (020 7928 3232), or by emailing the Box Office

Tickets £3

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