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Rare Beasts

+ Q&A with writer-director Billie Piper

Billie Piper stars in her own directorial debut, a fierce and unpredictable anti-romcom.

Image from Rare Beasts + Q&A with writer-director Billie Piper

UK 2019
Dir Billie Piper
With Billie Piper, Lily James, David Thewlis, Jonjo O’Neill
Certificate 15
Courtesy of Republic Film Distribution

Mandy (Piper) is a chaotic and nihilistic single mother processing the painful divorce of her estranged and equally broken parents, while juggling parenthood and her career in TV. Add to all this a relationship with her misanthropic and insecure co-worker... Writer, director and star Billie Piper will join us to discuss crafting her directorial debut, a darkly funny and dizzyingly stylish exploration of modern women, relationships and the anxieties around ‘having it all’.

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