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Born Digital: Raised by the Internet

April 2019

As the internet turns 30, we programme a host of innovative films, inspired by and made with the web in mind.

Introduction by season programmer Anna Bogutskaya

Raised by the Internet


“Technology improves the lives of people who can avoid being dominated by it and forced into debilitating addictions to it”
Frank Kaufmann, scholar and educator

What does the Internet look like? How do filmmakers and artists visualise it on screen? Is that even possible?

In the year when the internet turns 30 – and as part of our ongoing celebration of this through the umbrella project ‘Born Digital’ – we investigate how it has infiltrated moving-image culture and created new approaches to cinematic aesthetics. The films programmed here range from early techno-thrillers to contemporary desktop documentaries. Digital boogeymen, hidden corners of the dark web, message-board etiquette and political manipulations are explored by filmmakers who have taken the visual and narrative language that has emerged from online media platforms and adapted it to the big screen, creating new genres and subverting existing ones in the process. In ‘Raised by the Internet,’ the web is not the subject but the language.

Anna Bogutskaya


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