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Silent cinema

Phantom of the Moulin Rouge

Le Fantôme du Moulin-Rouge

When a man’s soul is separated from his body he must return before the autopsy starts!

Image from Phantom of the Moulin Rouge

France 1925
Dir René Clair
With Sandra Milovanoff, Georges Vaultier, José Davert, Albert Préjean
English subtitles
Certificate U
With live piano accompaniment

A young businessman, rejected by the woman he loves, is separated from his soul by a mad scientist. Will it return before the autopsy on his earthly body starts? Is his disembodied spirit responsible for the seemingly inexplicable happenings around Paris? René Clair has fun in his first, slightly messy, solo feature – restored by Lobster Films from film elements at CNC Paris and the BFI National Archive.


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