Passport to Cinema

The National Film and Television School’s London screening programme.

Stardust Memories: Filmmakers on Filmmaking


The innocence of early cinema and the joy of creativity continue in the second month of our new season. But the fairy tale slowly goes wrong for the heroine of Inside Daisy Clover, and undaunted optimism battles chaotic circumstances for the amateur king of accidental surrealism in Tim Burton’s Ed Wood. Creativity, meanwhile, is hard graft in Fellini’s celebrated 8½, for the aspiring porn star in PT Anderson’s Boogie Nights, and for Kirk Douglas’ fallen star in Two Weeks in Another Town.


This is the third and final chapter in our season of films about the joys and sorrows of filmmaking. This last chapter shows filmmakers reflecting on filmmaking, and it’s a surprisingly dark meditation on a frequently death-dealing business – from Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom to Robert Altman’s The Player.

Richard Combs, Tutor/Programmer, the National Film and Television School

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