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Tilda Swinton


+ intro by Tilda Swinton and director Sally Potter

Sally Potter’s convention-defying spectacle, about someone who views four centuries through the eyes of both sexes.

Image from Orlando

UK 1992
Dir Sally Potter
With Tilda Swinton, Billy Zane, Lothaire Bluteau, Quentin Crisp
Certificate PG

Potter and Swinton’s adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s novel about a person viewing four centuries of experiences through the eyes of both sexes is still a convention-defying spectacle to behold more than 25 years on – no wonder it’s being feted by the Met Gala this year. To Swinton, her character’s gender fluidity is only part of the film’s power: ‘It’s about inevitable, perpetual change being the only thing that we can rely on’.

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+ Will We Wake
UK 1998. Dir Tilda Swinton. 9min
Swinton’s intimate and epic directorial debut, produced for the anthology film Millennial Fever for BBC2’s art strand Tx, heralds the dawn of the new century.

We will now be screening a digital restoration of the film.


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