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No Direct Flight Global Meet-up

Join us as we screen Afro-fiction doc The Last Angel of History and connect a whole host of speakers from across the globe.

Image from No Direct Flight Global Meet-up

Total runtime 4hrs (including intervals)

Come join some of the leading African and African diaspora filmmakers, tech heads and platform creators to investigate the impact of online and digital technology on a global black visual aesthetic, the discovery of new talent and audiences as well as the glitches in the system. Beaming speakers in from around the world with a special live link-up with the BlackStar Festival in Philadelphia, this virtual and live event of talks, visuals, VR and testimony will link the past with film culture’s future."

Throughout the day, Unreal World, a selection of key VR films from leading lights in Africa, will be on display for free in the BFI Southbank foyer.

1:00PM: Welcome by host and curator Gaylene Gould

1:15PM: Screening of Last Angel of History Dir: John Akomfrah (1996)
John Akomfrah’s seminal video essay was the first to mark the dawning of the new digital age from a black cultural perspective. The doc experiments with a digitised aesthetic to tell the sci-fi story of the Data Thief on the search for the roots and futures of black music. Last Angel sets out the themes of the day: what is technology’s effect on black culture’s histories and its futures.

2:00PM: The Global Reach
Technologists and platform creators from around the globe will discuss how the digital world has helped connect artists with each other and their audiences from the beginnings of the internet to today. Confirmed speakers include:

2:45PM: VJ Daniel Oduntan

2:50PM: Ghosts In the Machine
Technology offers new possibilities, but also threatens to limit the civil rights and liberties of people of colour around the globe. Dare to be awakened by:

3:40PM: Break

4:00PM: The Global Black Aesthetic special live link-up with BlackStar Festival, Philadelphia
The internet has become an alternative archive and created the possibility for a lineage of aesthetics to be shared between filmmakers globally. Selected filmmakers in London and Philadelphia will discuss the way the internet has allowed them to virally trade motifs across the world giving rise to a bold, black, globally influential aesthetic. We’ll investigate how the internet allows new languages to develop across a global filmmaking community and where filmmakers find themselves located in a hyper-connected world. Next year a special No Direct Flight program will land at BlackStar. Many of the contributor’s films can be seen over the next few days during the No Direct Flight programme.

5:00PM: Closing remarks

5:10PM: Event ends

Global Meet Up will be followed by the Mothership Connections shorts programme.

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