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Nineties: Young Cinema Rebels

July-August 2019

Explosive, transformative and challenging cinema and TV – that’s the nineties we want to explore and celebrate.

Introduction by season programmer Anna Bogutskaya


Part 1 (July)

“Movies can tell us about our place, or lack of place, in our culture”
Allison Anders

This two-month season is dedicated to exploring the films and filmmakers that subverted cinematic convention in the 1990s, focusing on the titles that created a new cinematic language, challenged formal aesthetics and swerved what was expected of a director and of the moving image. On the small screen, there was a shift away from studio-based plays to film strands such as Screen One, and it was a decade that gave us epoch-defining series such as GBH, Queer as Folk, and the glorious live anarchy and frantic energy of TFI Friday and The Word. The influence of these film and TV titles can still be felt today. Join us as we celebrate the rule-breakers and rebels.

Anna Bogutskaya

Part 2 (August)

“When you wake up, wipe the slugs off your face. Be ready for a new day!”
My Own Private Idaho

In the 1990s a new generation of cinema and TV rule-breakers were fueled by changing (and cheaper) production methods and by a youthful creative energy. In the final part of our season, we focus on these filmmakers and their approach to their own generation’s outlook on life. From street hustlers, slackers, bohemians and hackers, to dreamers and nihilists, these films often focused on youthful frustration in its many iterations, with the filmmakers attempting to capture that energy truthfully and artistically. The generation that grew up in the 90s was a very particular breed, and this month we celebrate their coming of age.

Anna Bogutskaya


  • Do the Right Thing

    Do the Right Thing

    Tensions escalate fast one hot Brooklyn summer in Spike Lee’s seminal joint.


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