Green Light: An immersive focus on Climate Change

Nine Earths

Specifically commissioned by the British Council for COP26, this environmental documentary takes you an audiovisual journey through multiple locations and individual stories, highlighting our excessive demand for the Earth’s resources.

Image from Nine Earths, One Planet

UK 2021
Lead Artists: Mike Faulkner/D-FUSE

Nine Earths is an environmental documentary that explores the relationship between everyday events and humanity’s excessive demand for the Earth’s resources. Blending participatory and observational types of documentary, Nine Earths features a mosaic of day-to-day life, using footage shot by collaborators from around the world. The artwork reveals global consumption patterns through the lens of climate justice and takes audiences on an audiovisual journey through multiple locations, highlighting individual voices and stories. The documentary looks into the relationships between consumption levels of countries and individuals, cultural differences and similarities, and how we are all inextricably connected. Using visual ethnography, imagery, sound, and candid interviews, Nine Earths presents people’s perceptions of consumption and reveals lifestyle choices that, often unwittingly, impact our planet.

Artist, Director and Creator: Mike Faulkner
Producer: Marek Wolynski
Associate Producer: Vladislav Severtsev
Lead Production Partner: Metal
Production Partners: Maya Chami (Lebanon), Andrew Stiff – RMIT University (Vietnam), Adi Panuntun – Sembilan Matahari (Indonesia), Thiago Cury – Musica Estranha (Brazil), Batman Zavareze – Multiplicidade (Brazil)
Researcher and Concept Advisor: Kevin Walker, Associate Professor of Immersive Media, Centre for Postdigital Cultures, Coventry University
Climate Change Advisor: Mark Maslin, Professor of Earth System Science, University College London, Author of “How to Save Our Planet: The Facts” (Penguin)
Climate Communication Advisor: Julie Doyle, Professor of Media and Communication, School of Art and Media, Centre for Spatial, Environmental and Cultural Politics, University of Brighton
Music Composer: Robin Rimbaud – Scanner
Creative Developer: Toby Harris
Design and Animation Optimization: Ben Sheppee (Observatory Creative)
Creative Consultant: Glenn Rickwood
Design Advisors: Christian Küsters (CHK Design), Tomi Vollauschek (FL@33)
Strategy & Fundraising Consultant: Cathy Waller

Contributing videographers: Alan James Burns, Alexandra Severtseva, Alison Hewitt-Haynes, Bui Hoang Ngoc Nhi, Bui Le Mai Tram, Coraci Ruiz, Daze Aghaji, Doan Le Minh Thy, Hal Bishop, Jaison Lara, Jessica Hewitt-Haynes, Jimmy Howe, João de Oliveira, Julia Mozgawa, Le Hoang Phuong Thao, Le Thao Vi, Liling Lu, Mai Thuy Luong, M. Mufti Widi Utama, Nguyen Nhat Chi Mai, Nguyen Quang Khai, Nguyen Thi Khanh Trang, Nguyen Tri Dat, Niloo Sharifi, Omar Castaneda, Raphael Makau, Samuel Estovos, Sarah Lord, Tabrez Ahmad, Tran Truong Nhat Huy, Victor Rodrigues de Carvalho.

Special Thanks: Jen Porter (Senior Project Manager, Metal), Jenny White, Matthias Kispert, Axel Stockburger, Richard Fenwick, Rosanna Lewis, Angie Dickinson, Ulrich Schrauth, Rutger Bregman, Shivant Jhagroe, Watershed

Nine Earths is supported by the British Council’s Creative Commissions programme, a series of creative commissions exploring climate change through art, science and digital technology as part of The Climate Connection global initiative.


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