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London Short Film Festival

New Shorts: Foreign Bodies

A programme of political and thought-provoking short films from the London Short Film Festival.

Image from New Shorts: Foreign Bodies

Total runtime 94min

Witness a stranger’s attempts to make sense of political and cultural unrest on the streets of Sâo Paulo, or a Filipino man’s half-remembered dream of Athens... This programme of political and thought-provoking short films takes us on a global journey that explores the alienation, displacement and miscommunication that exists between people, place and memory.

Green Screen Gringo
Netherlands. Dir Douwe Dijkstra. 16min

France. Dir Ronny Trocker. 8min

I’ll Probably Never see you Again
Slovenia. Dir Mitja Mlakar. 15min

Netherlands. Dir Stefanie Kolk. 13min

The Ogre
France. Dir Laurène Braibant. 10min

Greece. Dir Jacqueline Lentzou. 12min

Written / Unwritten
Romania. Dir Adrian Silisteanu. 20min


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