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My Journey Through French Cinema

Voyage à Travers le cinéma français

A fascinating voyage through French film history, from the 1930s through to the 70s.

Image from My Journey Through French Cinema

France 2016
Dir Bertrand Tavernier
English subtitles

Bertrand Tavernier is a filmmaker and life-long fan of cinema. In this very special documentary, which previewed athe 2016 BFI London Film Festival, he addresses us directly, speaking with infectious enthusiasm about the films, actors, directors, composers, writers and cinematographers who have meant so much to him, and who played such a significant role in French film history. From Renoir and Chabrol through to Melville and Becker, every frame of this journey exudes passion. Tavernier’s commentary is also augmented by rare behind-the-scenes footage and treats, such as the audio recording of a ferocious argument between Jean-Paul Belmondo and Melville.

Julie Pearce, Head of Distribution and Programme Operations

The screening on Friday 15 September 18:45 features a Q&A with director Bertrand Tavernier.

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