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Brave New Worlds

Mother Krause’s Journey to Happiness

Mutter Krausens Fahrt ins Glück

In this fascinating slice of realist cinema meet Old Mother Krause, a woman who works hard to support her son and daughter.

Image from Mother Krause’s Journey to Happiness

Germany 1929
Dir Phil Jutzi
With Alexandra Schmitt, Holmes Zimmermann, Ilse Trautschold
English subtitles
A reconstruction by Filmmuseum München

Living precariously in a crowded Berlin tenement, old Mother Krause works hard to support her unemployed son and her daughter who has a communist boyfriend. This outstanding example of left-wing Weimar realism was inspired by Soviet cinema and the proletarian art of Heinrich Zille and Käthe Kollwitz. The performances feel fresh and modern, while Jutzi’s camera – out on location – captures rarely seen aspects of working-class life.

+ Inflation
Germany 1928. Dir Hans Richter. 3min
An avant-garde critique of capitalism.

With Joachim Bärenz score (10 Jun), with live piano accompaniment by Costas Fotopoulos (16 Jun).


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