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Mogul Mowgli

Bassam Tariq’s visceral directorial debut, co-written with Riz Ahmed, finds a British-Pakistani rapper’s life spiralling out of control when, on the cusp of success, he succumbs to a debilitating illness.

UK, USA 2020
Dir Bassam Tariq
With Riz Ahmed, Alyy Khan, Aiysha Hart
BFI Distribution

Although his cutting lyrics speak provocatively about identity politics, it is not until Zed (Ahmed) returns home after two years on tour that he is called by his real name: Zaheer. But it is the vulnerability of illness and his decreasing mobility that brings both focus and fragmentation – memories and hallucinations merge to the beat of Qawwali music and are haunted by fervent apparitions of a masked figure – conjuring the unspoken spectre of Partition, which looms large in his father’s unspoken words. Further bruising Zed’s ego is his nemesis – RPG, a young rapper whose face tattoos and crass lyrics bewilder him. Both a paean to the importance of cultural heritage and a sharply observed reflection on muscle memory, the richness of Tariq’s achievement lies in the details of this heady mosaic.

Elhum Shakerifar

This film includes one scene that contains flashing images - which may be difficult for some (photosensitive) viewers.

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Subtitles for the D/deaf or hard of hearing available: Tue 8 Dec 14:40 NFT3, Thu 17 Dec 18:15 Studio. The screening on Tue 15 Dec 18:20 Studio has now been cancelled. We apologise for any disappointment.