• Director

    Vittorio De Sica

  • With

    Francesco Golisano, Emma Gramatica, Brunella Bovo, Paolo Stoppa

  • Italy 1951. 96min

  • Digital 4K (restoration)

  • Certificate


  • English subtitles

A baby found in a cabbage patch by a gentle old lady grows into a young man full of enthusiasm and humanity. He settles with homeless people on the desolate outskirts of Milan, transforming a shantytown into a utopian community. That is, until oil is found on the land... Between Bicycle Thieves and Umberto D., De Sica directed this irresistible fairy tale, written by Zavattini, which combines slapstick humour with social satire.

Content warning: Contains scenes of racism.

Restored by Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna and Compass Film in collaboration with Mediaset, Infinity, Arthur Cohn, and Variety Communications at L’Immagine Ritrovata laboratory.