‘Mike Hodges’ incredible body of work features ground-breaking TV docs and film classics’
– Justin, Johnson, lead programmer

‘With each film I try to take the audience into a different world of my and my team’s creation’
– Mike Hodges

Mike Hodges is a great British writer and filmmaker who has worked widely across film and television. While it’s difficult to find a way of summarising his eclectic body of work, it’s clear that he has a flair for breaking the rules of commercial filmmaking and working outside established industry practice. As a lover of European cinema, Hodges incorporates the cinematic restraint and atmospheric influence of the greats into his work, which often displays deep-rooted humour. In this season we go from the camp bravado of Flash Gordon to the elegant Croupier, and include some of Hodges’ 16mm-shot TV documentaries. His commitment to well-told stories, and his distinct voice, makes Hodges one of our true auteurs.

Justin Johnson, season programmer


Get Carter

In this moody classic, Michael Caine stars as a gangster investigating the death of his brother.

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Clive Owen stars as a struggling writer seeking inspiration at the gambling tables.

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Film notes by Mike Hodges and Justin Johnson