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Midnight Cowboy (50th Anniversary Release)

Despite its X rating, Midnight Cowboy won Oscars® for best film, director and screenplay – fifty years on, it’s never looked better.

Image from Midnight Cowboy (50th Anniversary Release)

USA 1969
Dir John Schlesinger
With Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight, Sylvia Miles, Brenda Vaccaro
Digital 4K
Certificate 18
A BFI release

After a year of uncertainty when he almost decided to leave film behind, Hoffman (against industry advice) took the role of seedy conman ‘Ratso’ Rizzo and delivered a remarkable performance. Voight is equally impressive as naive young Texan Joe Buck, who arrives in New York believing that women will be falling at his feet, but finds himself sharing a squat with his unlikely ally. Midnight Cowboy is bleak and uncompromising, yet at its heart is an affectionate friendship between two drifters, set against a great John Barry soundtrack. We celebrate the film’s 50th anniversary with a new digital 4K restoration.

Justin Johnson, Lead Programmer

See our special event, Midnight Cowboy: 50th Anniversary Screening + Q&A with photographer and production assistant Michael Childers.


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