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Animation 2018

Merry Without Melodies: A World of Silent Animation

+ intro by Jez Stewart, Curator (Animation) BFI National Archive

Felix the Cat makes an appearance in this fine selection of vintage animations from across the globe.

Image from Merry Without Melodies: A World of Silent Animation + intro

Total runtime c90min
Advised cert PG
With live piano accompaniment by Stephen Horne

To coincide with this month’s screening of early British animated shorts, newly remastered by the BFI National Archive, we offer a look at what was happening overseas in international animation during that period. To Émile Cohl’s absurdist doodles, Ladislaw Starewicz’s insect dramas and the adventures of a small screw in Soviet Russia, we add some more familiar faces, such as Felix the Cat.

Drame Chez Les Fantoches
France 1908. Emile Cohl

En Route
France 1910. Emile Cohl

Prekrasnaya Lyukanida
Russia 1912. Ladislaw Starewicz

Wie Plimps Und Plumps Den Detektiv Überlisteten
Germany 1913. Otto Hermann

Colonel Heeza Liar - Ghost Breaker
USA 1915. Bray Studios

Hunter And Dog
USA 1915. Raoul Barré

Knocking The H Out Of Heinie
USA 1917

Four Musicians Of Bremen
USA 1922. Walt Disney

Symphonie Diagonale
Germany 1924. Viking Eggeling

Petite Chanteuse Des Rues
France 1927. Ladislaw Starewicz

1927. Soyuzkino

Felix Shatters The Sheik
1926. Otto Messmer

Sleigh Bells
1928. Walt Disney


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