Join Shabazz’s family, friends and collaborators for a commemorative day of illustrated talks and film screenings. During the day we’ll present some of his lesser-known work, and finish with a rare screening of Time and Judgement.

Step Forward Youth

  • UK 1977. 29min

A Kuumba collective film presenting the views of teenagers and their experience of racism in 70s London.

Catch a Fire

  • BBC 1996. 30min

This film incorporates archive, re-enactment, vox pops and expert voices tell the story of Paul Bogle and the 1865 Morant Bay massacre.

The Hand of Ken

  • UK 2020. 29min

Shabazz’s portrait of artist Ken McKalla who worked on Time and Judgement.

Time and Judgement – A Diary of a 400 Year Exile

  • With

    Victor Romero-Evans, Benjamin Zephaniah, Angela Wynter, Janet Kay. 85min. Digital

  • UK 1988. 85min

  • Digital

This extraordinary treatment of the international tribulations and triumphs of the people of the African diaspora fuses poetry, art, archive and drama. Shabazz creates a unique visionary experience, featuring music from Bob Marley, Steel Pulse and Aswad.

Tickets £6.50