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Med Hondo: Africa from the Seine

December 2019

Every film lover should experience the wide palette and unique vision of Med Hondo’s cinema.

Introduction by season programmer David Somerset

Med Hondo: Africa from the Seine


‘Seeing the image, tainted with racism, that the media offer of Africa, I couldn’t help reacting, in my own way and with the means at my disposal, to try to show something else that was closer to the truth’
Med Hondo

Mauritanian-born actor, director, producer and filmmaker Med Hondo started a groundbreaking theatre company in France before moving into film. In 1967, inspired by the French New Wave, he spent four years making his acclaimed debut feature Soleil Ô. Hondo’s subsequent films, covering a range of genres, all possess his singular perspective on the colonial history of Africa and the African diaspora experience. West Indies was seven years in the making and presents a musical depiction of the story of the Caribbean, and Sarraounia, an African Queen is a spectacular historical epic of rare historical insight. Our season also features his final film, funded from his work as an actor, Fatima: The Algerian Woman of Dakar.

David Somerset


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With thanks for the kind support of Aboubakar S. Sanogo (Assistant Professor, Film Studies, Carleton University).


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