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African Odysseys


Carlos Marighella (Seu Jorge) fights for justice in the face of human rights abuses, following a military coup in Brazil in 1964.

Dirty Movies publisher Victor Fraga has recorded an introduction for the Sat 5 Dec screening.

Image from Marighella

Photograph: SANFIC

Brazil 2019
Dir Wagner Moura
With Seu Jorge, Ana Paula Bouzas, Bella Camero, Herson Capri
English subtitles

An urgent and intense debut from journalist, musician and actor Wagner Moura, this is a portrait of a highly controversial figure, the African-Brazilian poet and politician Carlos Marighella (compellingly played by famous actor-musician Seu Jorge). In response to the erosion of human rights following a military coup in 1964, Marighella takes to the streets to fight ‘the power’. Co-produced by City of God director Fernando Meirelles, the film has yet to be seen in its native Brazil, where its premiere has been indefinitely postponed.

Tickets £6.50

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